Godly Play

Godly Play is a movement to influence the Churches’ support of spiritually rich practices with children and adults.

The Heart of Godly Play

            ◦          Creating Sacred Space

            ◦          Building and working in community

            ◦          Learning religious language

            ◦          Using religious language to make meaning

 A Godly Play session includes a time to:-

            ◦          get ready

            ◦          tell a story using objects and artefacts

            ◦          explore the story more with open questions and discussion

            ◦          respond with a free choice using a variety of materials – art… silence… play…     writing…

            ◦          enjoy a simple feast and sharing

You can find out lots more by visiting the Godly Play UK website http://www.godlyplay.uk/ or by contacting one of the clergy.

There are weekly sessions for children at St Edmund’s on Mondays from 4.30-5.30pm in our dedicated Godly Play Room. During this time parents/carers are welcome to stay for tea and chat in the West End Room.

New! Starting on Monday 28th November Godly play will also happen at St Osmund's. 4pm in the Lady Chapel - access through the church.

Each month Godly Play happens with the residents of Shelton Lock Nursing Home.