About Taizé


At Taizé, brothers from different and sometimes opposing denominations, cultures, races, and languages pray and work together. Yes, it is really possible; Christ destroys every separating wall. This historical and geographical variety becomes unimportant beside the variety of personal gifts. The community is a beehive of activity. Some brothers are creators of beauty: they paint pictures or icons, or they produce wonderful pottery which can ennoble everyday life. Others make translations and print important works from the Christian tradition. Languages are also studied, in response to the international calling of the community. It is a small but deeply experienced foretaste of the reconciled and transfigured humanity towards which history is painfully groping; and in this process of history, the Spirit is always at work, undermining whatever is impenetrable yet illuminating the creations of art, science and spirituality.

Young people today are tired of talk and tired of scoffing: they want authenticity. It is no use talking to them about communion if we cannot show them a place where communion is being worked out - "come and see." At such a place people are welcomed as they are without being judged; no one is asked for their doctrinal passport; but nevertheless no secret is made of the fact that everyone is gathered around Christ, and that with him - "I am the way," he said - a way forward begins for those who want it. (Olivier Clement)

Taizé in our parishes

One Sunday evening a month we have a Taizé Prayer - a time of peaceful worship using the unique musical style and reflective liturgy of the community.

Taizé music is used as part of weekday Evening Prayer at St Osmund’s.

Help is given to those who would like to visit the Community in Burgundy, France.

For further information go to ...... http://www.taize.fr/en