Baptism (Christening)

We are delighted that adults and children of all ages are baptised in our churches and begin their journey with Jesus.

If you are considering Baptism for you or your children please contact us with your details.


What is baptism?
Baptism is a response to God's love - a desire and a commitment to respond to God's call to follow the example of Jesus Christ. It is also a celebration, a time to come together with family and friends; remembering that you are loved by God, are part of a wider community and have a place with God's people.
If you are mature enough to make your own decisions and you've decided you'd like to be baptised, you will a have a baptism service that is designed for adults.
You may have been going to church for a while and want to make a more definite commitment in terms of your Christian faith. For adults and young people, baptism usually takes place shortly before, or at the same time, as confirmation. Confirmation is the service when those who have previously been baptised affirm those promises and are specially prayed for by a Bishop.

The baptism service
The baptism service is similar to the service for a child's baptism, except that because you make the decision and the promises yourself, there is no role required for parents or godparents (who make decisions and promises on behalf of a child).
You may decide to have supporting friends or 'sponsors' - this can be anyone who wishes to encourage you in your Christian faith. It may be a friend, or someone in your family and you may have more than one person if you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between a Christening and a Baptism?
There is no difference between a christening service and a baptism service. Some churches will use the word ‘baptism’ and some the word ‘christening’. Babies are baptized during a christening service just as couples are ‘married’ during a ‘wedding’ service.

Can anyone have a christening Service?
Yes, so long as they have not been baptized already. The Church of England welcomes all babies, children and families for christenings – whatever shape that family takes. You do not have to be married or have been a regular churchgoer – as  a parent, you do not even have to have been baptized yourself – though you could be.  Everyone is welcome at our churches. Just ask us if this is something you are considering for your child.

Do Godparents have to be baptised?

Yes, this is a basic requirement for a godparent because of the very special role they have in supporting a child’s faith journey.

Do Godparents have to be confirmed?
Godparents have a really special role in supporting a child in their Christian faith. The preparation and promises made at a confirmation demonstrate a commitment to living a Christian life, a model for a child just beginning their own amazing journey of faith. For this reason, it is preferable that godparents are confirmed, but if three confirmed godparents simply can’t be found, the church’s own law allows for these circumstances. The best thing to do is speak to the vicar who will be doing the baptism for further advice.

What if one or both parents aren’t Christened?
You can have your child baptized at a christening regardless of whether or not you, the parents, are baptized. It is only the godparents who are required to be baptized, (so the only time a parent would have to be baptized is if they were also acting as a godparent).

How old should my child be?
You can have your baby or child christened at any age. There is no upper age limit, but there will come a time when your child will be able to make the promises for themselves. Talk to us about baptising an older child and how this might differ from a baby’s christening service.

When will the service be?
We are delighted to baptise children in our 10:00 Sunday services. We also offer a christening service at 11.30 on Sundays.

What do I need to do next?
Contact us arrange to complete a Baptism Enquiry Form. At that meeting we will let you know the date of the Baptism Preparation Evening and a suitable date for your service.

Once you have made contact and told us about yourselves and what you are seeking we will invite you to a Baptism Preparation Evening. This is a session of no more than an hour with other baptism candidates to learn more about what is involved with Baptism and to arrange your service.

Is there a charge?

There is no charge for Baptisms but we welcome any sort of donation to support the ministry of our churches.