History of St. Edmunds

Brief history of the church

The foundation stone was laid on Saturday 18th March 1939 at 3pm by John Rawlinson, Bishop of Derby in the pouring rain. The Bishop returned for the Consecration of the Church on Saturday December 9th at 2.15pm.





The 40th Anniversary

In 1977 James Bernard Dickinson was installed as vicar on Monday June 13th. It was during his time that the 40th anniversary fell in 1979 and the booklet produced. There were greetings from former clergy, a message from the then vicar and the history of the parish by Denis Peacock. There were pictures of the laying of the foundation stone and other photographs. There was also a newsletter and a special service. Former clergy and Frances Moffet were invited to attend. The Bishop of Derby who came to this service was Cyril Bowles. At the time there where proposals to sell the hall and ground and build a hall near to the church. But the vicar was keen not to neglect Allenton. So, it was decided to modernise the hall instead. In 1984 the Rev Allen Wheale came to help the parish. In 1988 two former members of St Edmunds where made Deacon and a year later priested. They were Michael Huggett who had been a church warden and Kevin Parkes who spent his youth in the parish and was confirmed at St Edmunds.


The 60th Anniversary

Diamond jubilee celebrations took place over several months. They started on mothering Sunday 1999 to commemorate the laying of the foundation stone, a ceremony known as “clipping” the church this was a ceremony where everyone would join hands forming a circle round the outside of the church as a symbol of love and unity.

This was followed in July with anther old ceremony “beating the parish bounds” where a tour was made of the parish boundaries and the boys were beaten to remind them where the boundaries were! Thankfully on this occasion the church decided to just do a walking tour of the parish starting at the church with a hymn then moving to the cenotaph and saying a prayer  and then stopping at points in the parish before ending as all good walks do at the pub.

Two quizzes where organized on flowers and local churches to the then Melbourne deanery in which St. Edmunds was part of.

With celebrations continuing in November and the beginning of December to coincided with the Patronal Festival and the Dedication Festival marked by a service lead by the then Bishop of Repton, the Rt. Rev David Hawtin. With many of the past vicars being invited to attend

The celebrations where concluded with a meal at the Royal Banqueting suite.


The 80th

We decided we would kick the celebration off with a community church birthday tea party free for all to come on Saturday 16th of march, the celebrations though would not stop there. On the Sunday the 17th march we would invite a member of the church who had gone on to be priested to come and preach for us so it was that Michel Huggett was invited by Terry Nash the Churchwarden to come and preach, and what a lovely sermon it was. After this it was agreed we should mark the day the foundation stone was put down by having a special service, so on Monday the 18th march at 7.00pm a service was taken by the archdeacon of derby, the sermon was taken by the rev Glen martin. We also had a massive community summer fun day by inviting members of the community, the police and the fire and rescue service to come along and helped to make it a fun filled day for all. Celebrations  will continue with our Patronal festival in November, a bring and share lunch will follow the service.. We also hope to mark our official Anniversary by having a joint service with St. Osmund’s at St. Edmunds on the 8th December at 10 am this will mark the dedication of the church and there will be cake and drinks after the service.