whats on online during covid 19

Keep up to date with what we are doing to help you stay spiritually connected  

join us on our facebook page for creative prayers, readings and Sunday services.


All these take place duing the week on our page and are there for you to access when ever you need them. our aim is to help you to keep spiritually topped up. 


If you have any sugestions on what we can do to help you and others at this time then please get in touch we are always looking for new ideas to spread the GOOD NEWS.

Monday-Thursday prayers and reading and updates from aound the parish, deanery and the diocese

Friday-Saturday on either of theses days we will do a creative prayer for all the family to join in with 

We aim to do a service on Sundays either live or pre recorded for all join in with. this tends to follow a traditional service but excludes the communion as we dont have a priest. 

Feel free to post prayers,art work and use our page to stay conected. We may not be able to meet one another to create acommunity feel, but we want to see the community flourish so we encourage virtual social gatherings by talking and posting on our page.


should you need anything and are unsure where to go if you message us we will try and help or point you in the right direction.